HRS also designs and manufactures ECOFLUX* Smooth Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for various industrial applications like heating, cooling, condensing, reboiling and many more such processes. Equipped with the expertise of ASME ‘U’ stamp and quality norms of ISO 9001:2015, ECOFLUX* Smooth Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE) are designed for a wide range of processes and manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities. These heat exchangers are required for specific applications, mainly for critical fluids and gases. Most important aspect is the capability and know-how of HRS for construction of ECOFLUX* STHE in a range of materials as suited for the processes.

Ecoflux* Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE) are based on the principle of standard shell and tube heat exchanger guidelines of TEMA, which is the proven and widely accepted norm. We understand customers’ plant specifications for requirements of thermal processing design equipment precisely suited for the process.

This includes the design and fabrication of the heat exchangers in the material of construction (MOC) required. Ecoflux* STHEs are customized units based on specific industry applications, made to standard governing codes for varying geographies worldwide, such as ASME/ PED/ DOSH/ AS1210/ AD Merkblatter/ BS 5500 and other codes. With thermal design as per HTRI, ChemCAD, Ecoflux* STHE becomes the right choice for the process. We can also design and manufacture Ecoflux* STHE to exact customer specifications and drawings. Our heat exchanger fabrication is as per the highest quality standards, whether or not required to be ASME ‘U’ stamp or CE marking or such other codes.

Thermal design

All products are designed on the proprietary, specialized heat exchanger design program developed by HRS Group.
We also use international design programs like HTRI, ChemCAD and such for development of smooth tube heat exchangers to requisite TEMA configurations.

Mechanical design

Ecoflux* Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE) can be mechanically designed and manufactured according to various standards including TEMA, ASME Sec. VIII Div. I, BS5500, PED, etc. These designs are built and verified with some of the best-in-class design software for heat exchangers trusted across the segments.

Material of Construction

Ecoflux* STHEs are manufactured in all grades of stainless steel 304, 316, 304L, 316L, 904L, 321, AL6XN, C22, C276, C2000, Titanium, Tantalum, Duplex, Super Duplex, Alloy 20, Copper, Cu-Ni, alloys, Inconel, Monel, SMO and other special material can be offered. The expertise of fabrication of this wide range of materials under a single roof is an advantage to customers to have their processing solutions from HRS.

We manufacture units to working pressure of 80 bars with 0°C to 400°C temperature. For specific designs we have manufactured units with up to 200 bar pressure at up to 600°C and capability to make heat exchangers for higher temperature and pressure as per customer requirements.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped to fabricate smooth tube heat exchanger from smaller diameters to up to 2500 mm and tube length up to 9000 mm for special equipment we can make heat exchanger with 12000 mm tube length up to 3500 mm diameter.

Ecoflux* shell and tube heat exchangers (STHEs) are customized units based on specific industry applications. We can design and manufacture units to customer specifications and also if required based on customer drawings.

HRS has over four decades of experience in the design and manufacture of Ecoflux* shell and tube heat exchangers. A wide range of models are developed for process plants across industries. Ecoflux* range is manufactured in stainless steel and also in other exotic materials. These Shell and tube-type heat exchangers are manufactured for a range of liquid-liquid, exhaust gas and steam applications. They can be installed as primary condensers, reboilers, recuperators, VAM coolers and such applications in pharma, chemical, speciality chemicals, agrochemicals, fertilizers, petrochemicals and many more such sectors.

Ecoflux* shell and tube heat exchangers are custom fabricated in various sizes and can be installed in different orientations in the existing process plant. Depending on process requirements, these heat exchangers can also be designed to various TEMA configurations like BEM, AKT, AEL, NEN, AES, BKU, etc. We supply Ecoflux* STHE with ASME ‘U’ stamp certification, CE certification and other requisite codes.

  • Flexible in design, customized solution
  • Suitable for high temperature & pressure applications
  • Thermal design in HTRI and ChemCAD software
  • Mechanical design in PVD and PV Elite software
  • TEMA configurations available like BEM, BET, BKU, AES, AEL, etc.
  • Wide choice of material of construction
  • Capacity for small to high range of diameter and length depending on application & customer requirement

Ecoflux* STHEs are used for heating, cooling, condensing, sub-cooling, pasteurizing, sterilizing, heat recovery, evaporation. They can also be used as kettle vaporizers, reboilers, exhaust gas coolers for process industries.

Ecoflux* variants are used as vapour condenser, effluent cooler, exhaust gas cooler etc. in chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, cement, biotechnology, power generation, food, drink, brewing, environmental processes, ammonia – urea plants, ammonia syn gas and carbon dioxide gas plants.

Also, Ecoflux* STHEs are used for various processes in environmental and sanitary hot water applications, effluent treatment, digestion sludge, effluent water, along with power generation and latex industries.