Upgrade to custom made Heat Exchanger based systems

HRS brings the range of HRS Hot Water Systems, the most efficient way for instant hot water generation for process industries. These are compact, pre-assembled skids designed with HRS’ heat exchangers: tubular, corrugated tube or plate type heat exchangers, or a combination of heat exchangers as best suited to the process.

HRS hot water systems give superior efficiency. HRS heat exchangers Ecoflux* corrugated tube heat exchangers and HRS Funke plate heat exchangers give maximum output in having minimal energy. Corrugated tube heat exchangers are compact and enable turbulence inflow to reach high temperatures in a short time, whereas PHEs are most suited to temperatures up to 1700C and 25 bar pressure. Accurate temperature pressure can be achieved instantaneously. HRS hot water systems are designed with proper safety measure, enclosures, fireproof/ insulated control panels of high quality to give operational safety, avoid intermixing of fluids and fast output. They enable the customer to reduce the hot water circulation cycle time to a substantial extent, thereby achieving higher economic efficiency also.

HRS Hot Water Systems

HRS hot water systems are customized with the best of heat exchangers and peripherals, pumps, valves, controllers, etc. yet are worth the investment due to lower capital cost, good installation and prompt service from the technical team of HRS. These skids require up to 75% less space for installation when compared with conventional hot water tank-based systems.

HRS hot water systems are essential for pharmaceutical, chemical, textile plants, breweries, sugar refineries, food processing, HVAC, hotels, hospitals and more such industries. For special single fluid heating cooling applications, the heat exchangers can also be made in exotic materials like C276, C22, Titanium, etc. to ensure process compatibility.

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