The Indian tomato processing market is currently experiencing strong growth. The majority of the tomatoes produced in the country are consumed fresh and a substantial amount is also converted into tomato paste which is again re-constituted to make tomato sauce, tomato ketchup, pre-processed tomato powder for snacks like chips and crackers, etc.

Tomato is one of the most important vegetables, and the most used in fresh and processed foods worldwide. It has a high nutritional value and is rich in vitamins like C, K, B6, A, copper, potassium, minerals, and fibers. In India, tomato is widely cultivated in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and central India.

Some of the factors driving the tomato processing market in India include convenience, urbanization, changing food habits, growth in the organized retail sector, etc. Processed tomato products such as tomato ketchup are commonly served with food products such as burgers, sandwiches, pizza, fries, etc. Tomato purees and tomato sauce also have wide applications in various Indian cuisines.

Industry always faces the challenge of handling fresh/seasonal agri/ horti produce. Fresh tomato has a quick ripening time and thin skin which makes them sensitive to handle. If not processed quickly, it is likely to deteriorate to an extent which will render it unsuitable for consumption. Plus, it has high water content, which makes it bulky to transport from farm to end consumer/ market. The need for high-quality processed tomatoes for export is huge and makes it necessary for producers to establish better facilities for tomato processing to convert into a paste.

HRS Automatic Tomato Processing Plant for Paste and Puree

HRS PSL provides turnkey solutions for tomato processing by offering customization depending on the capacity of the plant. Right from the fresh fruit washing process to filling of the paste in 1400 kg Bins or 240 kg bag-in-drum in an aseptic environment is taken into account while developing the entire line.

For a fully integrated tomato processing plant, HRS PSL offers a hot break system with an input capacity starting from 8 Ton/hr. to 40 Ton/hr or as per customer requirement. Tomato washing requires 3 times more water in proportion to the raw input, and a robust handling mechanism as well.

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Tomato sauce-making process

Flume & hydraulic transportation is used to handle fresh tomatoes and further washing with chemicals and sorting conveyors are used for removing unripened and damaged tomatoes and other unwanted plant remains from the harvest. The sorted tomatoes are transported using a pump and in-line cutter and fed directly in a hot break within a few seconds.

Tomato pulp from hot break is sent to a turbo refiner to separate the seeds, skin, and other waste particles. Refined tomato juice is pumped to inter-mediate storage tanks and from there to a multi-effect evaporator to produce a high-quality paste. This reduction in volume will eventually help in saving storage space and reducing packaging and transportation cost.

These evaporators are specially designed to suit product thermal stability in each stage. These stages are controlled by the ‘process recipe’, which has predetermined settings for achieving desired final Brix of the paste. Concentrated product is transferred by a high-pressure pump into the HRS Aseptic Sterilizer with fully automated PLC-based controls. This system is one of the latest advancements in processing technology and poses to be a hygienic solution. Sterilized product is filled in aseptic Bins or bags-in-drums by the HRS Aseptic Filler which is a unique product developed by the HRS group. The packed product can be stored for up to 24 months depending on its storage conditions.

HRS Tomato Processing Plant Advantage

HRS has made several technological innovations in the tomato processing industry namely producing tomato paste or puree and converting tomato paste into different sauces and ketchup. HRS provide a complete tomato processing plant with an end-to-end solution right from producing high-quality tomato paste and producing value-added products from tomato paste.

HRS Process Systems is committed to delivering services support such as design, manufacturing, automation, plant engineering, commissioning, and services for customized, technical solutions to customers across India and out of India as well, that too at any given point of time.

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