Chilli Puree

As the food industry is all about the tasting experience, the need for precise processing know-how, expertise, equipment, and testing facilities and equipment are of paramount importance. These will ensure to retain of the taste, color, aroma, and technical specifications like Brix of processed chili. Like all perishable products, raw chilies have a limited shelf life; hence processed chilies are used in many snacks, ready-to-eat, etc. foods. Chili paste/ puree/ pulp/ powder has a longer shelf life and is made to exact specifications as required for respective end products.

Here comes the master in innovative and cost-effective processing applications & heat transfer solutions across a diverse spectrum of industries, HRS Process Systems Ltd. Part of the UK-based HRS, a trusted name with over four decades of excellence in providing energy-efficient heat exchangers and heat exchanger-based systems across the globe.

HRS is equipped with a strong network all across domestic and international markets like the UK, Spain, USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia to fulfill the technology needs of process industries. HRS PSL is ISO 9001:2015 certified company and accredited ASME ‘U’ & ‘R” stamp in heat exchanger design, manufacturing, and welding repairs, with a state-of-the-art facility near Pune, India.

Most Advanced Integrated Multi-Fruit Processing

HRS PSL provides one of the most advanced Integrated Multi-Fruit Processing Lines on a turnkey basis. In the processing of chilis, raw chilies are cleaned in the washing tank to enable the removal of basic impurities and bacteria. After a couple of wash cycles with clean water, the chilies are blanched through a cooker – a steam-jacketed conveyor. This is a one-of-its-kind design for closed-loop cooking/ blanching. Chili has to go through a washing tank to remove the bacteria from the product.

After processing chilies

After processing chilies have transferred to high speeds Pulverizer which crushes chili uniformly to make a fine puree. The concentrated puree is transferred by a high-pressure pump into the HRS Monobloc Sterilizer, which is an integration of an aseptic sterilizer (112 C) and Aseptic Filler on a single skid and is fully automated with PLC-based controls. This system is one of the advanced offerings and hygienic solutions.

Sterilized juice is aseptically filled in an aseptic bag-in-drum Aseptic Filler (195 KG drum) and 1365 kg per day, which ensures the product filling in a vacuum, for the high shelf life of the final product in the range of 12 – 24 months. The Aseptic Filler is an innovative product by the HRS group with thorough R&D especially developed for the food industry.

Our systems are developed to work with minimal human intervention. The SCADA automation allows supervising and controlling of every feature and facility from one point. This system for chili processing can process 6-ton chilies per hour for 3 days, nonstop. With this workhorse system, no one can stop you from being a global player. This system can run continuously for 2-4 days depending on the input plan.

Chili is an integral part of global cuisine. From gourmet food to fast food, chilli is one of the basic requirements of the food industry. India is the largest producer and exporter of chili in the world. Currently, India is exporting more than 2.2 lakh tons of chili per year and it will keep growing.