HRS Process Systems Ltd. have acquired exclusive rights by the way of license manufacturing agreement for design, manufacture, supply and service of Plate Heat Exchangers, with FUNKE Waermaustauscher GmbH!



HRS Funke Plate Heat Exchangers are also used for specialized applications in food and dairy industry.

  • Well-researched in-house design
  • Variations in plate embossing for highest efficiency
  • Available in a range of SS, exotic materials to suit the process needs
  • Multi section units consisting two or more plate packs separated by
  • Intermediate plate or C-Plates

  • Reduction in operational downtime due to glueless clip type gaskets
  • Secured seal with number of two-pronged clips that slide beneath the
  • plate to hold the gasket
  • Avoid cross contamination of two fluids by double seal arrangement Technical advancement of Funke Plate & Gasket
  • Very high heat transfer rates due to thermodynamically optimized design
  • Specially embossed entry fields for an optimum distribution of media (1)
  • Gaskets fastened by “Clip-system” for easy maintenance
  • Gaskets have a special ribbed surface, enabling more exact centering and stabilization of the entire plate pack (2)
  • Double gasket with leakage groove between two media, preventing mixing of the media (3)
  • Special plate profile at the edges, reinforcing the plate pack and ensuring high pressure resistance of the gasket during operation (4)
  • Low investment, operation and maintenance costs
  • Highly efficient heat transfer (K- values on average 3-5 times higher than in case of bare-tube heat exchangers)
  • Use of smallest temperature difference
  • Up to 75% less space required
  • Self-cleaning effect due to highly turbulent flow behavior
  • Future additional capacity is possible by fitting extra heat transfer plates
  • Double gasket with leak groove gives high safety with regards to media mixing
  • Easy to open/clean
  • Low operating weight/low liquid content
  • Ideal for Heating, Cooling, Chilling, Pasteurisation, Sterilisation
  • Heating, cooling, condensing in process technology as well as refrigeration engineering, for instance
  • Cooling of lubricating-oil
  • District heat transfer stations
  • Hot-water/process water
  • Heating engineering (solar heating central heating, underfloor heating)
  • Vaporiser / condenser in refrigeration plant

HRS FUNKE PHE’s are used across process industries for a various applications designed with MOC compatible, Our PHE’s are efficiently suited to a range of industries.

In chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering, on and off shore sector, power, ship building, compressors, piston and turbo machines, steel , surface treatment, automotive, paper and pulp, HVAC, extraction plants, HRS FUNKE PHE are used for heating and cooling of water, various type of oils, suspensions, infusion solutions, chemicals, acids etc.

In food and milk processing sector, as range of heating, cooling, pasteurization, heat recovery to milk and juices.