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HRS Process Systems offers customised heat exchanger based systems (HES) as innovative heat transfer solutions for various key applications across process industry sectors. This is in line with the global reputation of HRS for providing sustainable, energy efficient range of heat exchangers and heat exchanger based systems (HES). HRS Heat exchanger based systems (HES) are usually skid mounted systems complementing the main plant. Through good process expertise, our systems ensure to recover energy which would otherwise have been lost to environment, thus making the overall plant much more environmentally efficient.

HRS heat exchanger based systems (HES) are made for key applications like instantaneous hot water generation as 'hot water systems', 'acid heating', 'emulsion heating', 'heat recovery from waste condensate' and many more applications. As a customized solution, HRS HES can be designed to use across a wide spectrum of industries like pharmaceuticals, HVAC, hotels, hospitals, steel, textile, food processing, beverage processing, breweries, dairy, healthcare and many more allied sectors.

HRS heat exchanger based systems (HES) are primarily used for heating, cooling, condensation and similar operations for efficient use of thermal energy. These skids are comprised of HRS range of heat exchangers (tubular heat exchangers or plate heat exchangers or a combination of these and any other heat exchangers as suited to the process) along with pumps, valves and suitable automation for ease of operation. HRS always ensures high quality components in the systems. The heat exchangers are manufactured in a range of materials like higher grades of stainless steel, nickel alloys, hastelloy, duplex, alloy 20, titanium, tantalum, etc., depending on property of fluid and process requirement. HRS Process Systems also has established a trusted partnership with food processing industry for fruit pulp, foods, prepared foods, infant foods, probiotics, etc. for more evolved processes like heating, cooling, condensing, evaporation, aseptic processing and more...

HRS heat exchanger based systems (HES) have given customers the advantage of energy efficiency, better utilization of energy release to environment, higher productivity due to continuous running of plants and lower downtimes, and better savings on maintenance costs. These solutions have enabled enhance production capacities, thereby increased profitability for the plants. A wide industry spectrum with blue chip companies has benefitted from these heat exchanger based systems.

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