Heat Exchanger in Power Industry

Heat exchangers are required in Power plants for various cooling purposes, typically for cooling gearbox oil (lubricating oils), seal water cooling, generator core cooling, etc.

These can be closed-loop primary secondary circuits or direct cooling circuits. The size of heat exchangers can be from a few 100 sq. meters. to over 1000 sq. meters.

HRS Funke Plate heat Exchangers can be offered for these cooling applications. It can be also used for heat recovery in the power industry or heating applications in a cold climates.


  • Hydraulic & Lube Oil Cooler

  • Hydraulic Power Pack Oil Cooler

  • Water Heater/cooler/chiller

  • Closed loop cooling (DM water cooling with cooling tower water / Sea Water)

  • Heat recovery (condensate and others)

  • Steam Condenser