The challenge posed before the fertilizer industry is to maintain impeccable product quality while meeting the ever-increasing demand for fertilizers. Fertilizer manufacturing is a complex chemical process and comprises of a lot of units for processing different kind of material. This is processed through boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, waste water treatment, gas heaters/ coolers, and proper storage facilities for the end product. Commonly produced fertilizers are phosphatic or nitrogenous in constitution.

HRS Heat exchangers are proven to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance thereby saving energy and costs. HRS has proven to “fertilize” plant operations with better productivity in processes and reap new rewards for our customers.


  • CO2 Gas Cooler
  • Thermic Fluid Cooler & Heater

  • Natural Gas Heater
  • Process Water Heater/Cooler

  • Distillation Pre heater
  • Vacuum Condenser
  • Ammonia Condenser