HRS Heat Exchanger Based Systems for achieving optimal performance across various industries including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, and HVAC.

HRS Process Systems offers customized skid-mounted heat exchanger-based systems (HES) as innovative heat transfer solutions for various key thermal applications across process industry sectors. These heat transfer skids are designed as a subset complimenting the main process plant.

The most common application of the HES is for instantaneous hot water generation on large scale for various plant operations. HRS also offers customized heat exchanger designs for these skids for critical applications such as Acid Heating, Emulsion Heating, heat recovery from waste condensate. HRS heat exchanger based systems can be designed to use across a wide spectrum of industries like pharmaceuticals, HVAC, hotels, hospitals, steel, textile, food processing, beverage processing, breweries, dairy, healthcare and many more allied sectors.

HRS heat exchanger-based systems (HES) are primarily used for heating, cooling, condensation and similar operations for efficient use of thermal energy and savings on power costs.

Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems

Single Fluid System

Single Fluid System

Acid Heating

Acid Heating

Emulsion Heating System

Emulsion Heating Systems


These heat transfer skids are comprised of HRS range of heat exchangers (shell and tube heat exchangers or plate heat exchangers or a combination of these and any other heat exchangers as suited to the process) along with pumps, valves and suitable automation for ease of operation.

HRS always ensures high quality components in the systems. The heat exchangers are manufactured in a range of materials like higher grades of stainless steel, nickel alloys, hastelloy, duplex, alloy 20, titanium, tantalum, etc., depending on property of fluid and process requirement.

HRS skid mounted heat exchanger based systems (HES) have given customers the advantage of energy efficiency, better utilization of energy release to environment, higher productivity due to continuous running of plants and lower downtimes, and better savings on maintenance costs

  • Compact and Complete Package Solution

  • Customized solutions to meet process requirements

  • Pre-assembled skid for ease of installation

  • Versatile on heating controls for consistent and desired temperatures

  • Hassle free condensate removal and recovery with no energy losses

  • Standard units supplied with control packages comprises of PID controllers. Special control packages available with PLC systems

Hot Water Systems

HRS is one of the key hot water systems suppliers for industrial-scale operations with the most versatile and compact hot water generation systems.

We provide highly efficient solutions for instantaneous hot water generation using energy-efficient heat exchangers (Funke gasketed or brazed plate heat exchanger types and/ or Ecoflux* corrugated tube heat exchanger).

HRS hot water systems can also be installed with storage (buffer) vessels for semi-instantaneous applications and in conjunction with solar-based water heating systems.

A hot water system not only heats the water to the desired temperature using low-pressure steam but also maintains the required temperature of the water with better temperature control using automation and controls.

HRS Hot Water System

Comparison of Conventional System VS. HRS Heat Exchanger based Systems

Conventional System

  • Condensate recovery not possible

  • Regular monitoring is required

  • No Insulation: Radiation losses through hot water storage tanks

  • More operating cost and steam losses leading to system breakdown

  • Direct contact of Water and Steam

  • Sensible heat is not fully utilized

HRS Heat Exchanger based Systems

  • Condensate recovers due to energy-efficient heat exchangers

  • Regular monitoring is NOT required

  • Suitable insulation to avoid heat loss

  • Economically suitable and support for continuous running without breakdown

  • Proper separation of fluids without mixing

  • Optimal energy utilisation

Single Fluid System

HRS single fluid system gives precise control over the heating and cooling cycle. These Systems are available in construction with energy-efficient ECOFLUX Corrugated tube heat exchanger and HRS FUNKE Plate heat exchanger as per utility and temperature requirement.

These skids are comprised of HRS range of heat exchangers (tubular and plate or a combination of both) along with pumps, valves, and suitable automation for ease of operation.

HRS Single Fluid System also known as temperature control unit (TCU) which is fully automatic with plc based controllers to enable minimum human interface.

Single Fluid System

Acid Heating System

HRS Process Systems Ltd. offers customized Heat exchanger based systems for various key applications in steel industry. Skid Mounted Acid Heating System comes with ECOFLUX* Tantalum heat exchanger at its heart along with special piping, pumps, valves, steam trap, control panel unit with automated flow & temperature controls.


Emulsion Circuit Reheating System

HRS Process Systems Ltd. offers customized Heat exchanger based systems for various key applications in steel industry. This System comprises of Ecoflux* Corrugated tube Heat Exchanger along with all accessory and controls to ensure required temperature of emulsion