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HRS Process Systems has specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of complete heat treatment systems for the Food Industry for aseptic filling, hot filling or any other form of filling.

The core of the system solution that HRS offers is the thermal treatment section: any kind of heat exchanger combination can be used for obtaining the best result for the pasteurization or sterilization process. The heat treatment sections can be combined with other process steps such as homogenization and deairation. The various elements that are incorporated into a system are carefully selected using our wide experience of food processing installations.

Efficient system integration of pumps, tanks, heat exchangers, aseptic fillers, piping, controls and other equipment lead to complete solutions for the food processing industry:

Pre-heaters and Pasteurisation Systems Pre-heaters and Pasteurisation Systems
Evaporation System
Integrated Automated CIP Station Integrated CIP Station
Aseptic Filler Aseptic Filler
Aseptic Steriliser Aseptic Steriliser
HRS Monobloc Steriliser HRS Monobloc Steriliser
Hygienic Piston Pumps Hygienic Piston Pumps
processing of fruit dices vegetable dices HRS ParaDice*
Beverage pasteurizer and Turnkey Beverage Processing Line Beverage pasteurizer and Turnkey Beverage Processing Line
UHT Sterilizer UHT Sterilizer
Nutraceuticals Processing Systems Nutraceuticals Processing Systems
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