HRS Process System Ltd. offers specialized solutions for pre-heating and pasteurization of fruit pulp. Fruit pulp normally has high fiber and sugar content and also contains considerable plant cellular material as compared to juice.
HRS ECOFLUX* based pre-heaters, pasteurizers heat the product to desired temperature and holding it for appropriate time for inactivation of micro-organisms. The preheating or pasteurization system can be integrated with evaporators, sterilizers and fillers as per customer requirement.

Accurate automation in these systems minimizes intervention of operator thereby reducing errors.

Additionally, HRS also provides systems for chilling or freezing pulp as required for frozen pulp filling and storage.

  • ECOFLUX* MI/ DT/ AS series heat exchangers and skid-mounted balance tank
  • Hygienic positive displacement pump and sanitary type flow diversion valves
  • CIP pump for faster cleaning of entire system
  • Closed loop hot water system consisting of ECOFLUX* CTHE ‘K’ series
  • Unicus R series scraped surface heat exchanger is used for chilling/ freezing of pulp
  • PLC based instrument control panel including SCADA provision
  • Balance Tank
  • Sanitary Pumps
  • ECOFLUX* MI and K Series heat exchangers
  • Steam control valve and condensate asembly/setup
  • Sanitary valves
  • Control panel
  • Customized designs to suit varied capacities
  • Indirect, fast and uniform product heating using pressurized water
  • Long productive hours due to unique designing of heat exchangers
  • Our designs with de-aerator eliminates weight variation in filling
  • Fast CIP and nearly zero maintenance
  • Retention of natural colour, flavour and aroma of product
  • Fruit purées and concentrates for pulp of mango, orange, guava and many more fruits, also for tomato paste and purée
  • Pulp fruit juice, pasteurization of juices, concentrates
  • Processing solutions for various dairy products
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