Concentration of product such as juices, pulps, purees necessitated betterment of evaporation technology. Advanced technology from HRS has made it possible to have reduced volume and better shelf life of products through evaporation.

HRS designs evaporation systems of tubular and scraped surface type, to obtain the best thermally stable product, with capacity up to 20 ton/hour.

Optimum utilization of thermal energy (steam) can be achieved in:

  • Multiple effects with live steam
  • Multiple effect evaporator with thermo vapor recompressor
  • Single or Multiple Effect Evaporator
  • Controlled operating conditions such as level of product & retention time
  • Scaling retardation due to optimum velocity of liquid in tubes
  • Easy to clean CIP system
  • Stability of operation & capacity of longer run period
  • Operator friendly PLC based system
  • Evaporator calandria
  • Vapor liquid separator
  • Tubular Type Surface condenser
  • Product Pump / Condensate Pump
  • CIP / cleaning system
  • Condensate recovery
  • PLC based automation
  • Low steam consumption
  • Optimised designs of thermal treatment for better product quality
  • Low power consumption
  • Low aroma loss due to special design of calandria and condensers
  • Lower investment, suitable for multiple fruit pulp processes
  • Fruit purées and concentrates for pulp of mango, orange, guava and many more fruits, also for tomato paste and purée
  • Fruit and confectionary bases, sauces
  • Multiple effect evaporation plants for multi fruit processing lines as per seasonal requirements