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Applications : Food Processing Systems : Dairy & Nutraceuticals
The Dairy industry is growing at a rapid pace. As the volumes of production are rising extensively, stringent Food Safety laws are being formulated and implemented. The need for increased automation, to minimize the human intervention and to monitor the production process continuously, is going up concerning human safety.

Milk and Cream Pasteuriser

Milk and Cream Pasteuriser

  • HRS energy efficient PHE based pasteurizer for milk and milk based products
  • HRS Pasteurizer comprises of multiple sections with regeneration with provision to direct milk to cream separator & homogeniser
  • Holding section for microbial destruction & protein denaturation
Milk Steriliser

UHT Steriliser

  • Specially designed Ecoflux* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger based Aseptic Sterilizer
  • Can heat upto 142° C , holding time 3s to 6s, and cooled upto 25° C for aseptic packaging
  • Provision to direct intermediate milk to deaeretor & homogenizer to remove dissolved oxygen and product uniformity.
  • Automated with PLC control for flawless operation
  • Minimal human intervention
  • Programmed to perform CIP automatically and efficiently

Integrated Processing Plants

HRS is proficient in providing energy and cost economical thermal processing solutions for pasteurising, sterilising and chilling of milk and milk products. HRS provides integrated plants including tanks, transfer pumps, valves and thermal processing equipment for processing value added dairy products like yoghurt, fermented milks, flavoured milks etc.
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