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The Beverage Industry and HRS

The need of the consumer for ready-to-drink beverages in the busy and competitive work environment is increasing by day. Consequently, the concept of packed fruit juices has evolved. The processing involves pasteurisation of juices to ensure the desired shelf life of the beverage.

HRS is the major supplier of pasteurisers for fruit based beverage industry. HRS designs pasteurisers using hygienic corrugated shell and tube heat exchanger for pasteurisation of fruit juices to inactivate micro-organism and to ensure the desired shelf life of the beverages. PepsiCo India, Parle Agro, Coco Cola, Nestle, ITC have been our esteemed clients to name a few. HRS India has supplied beverage pasteurisers incorporating HRS MI Series heat exchangers ranging in capacity from 1,000 to 30,000 l/h. Products being processed include pulpy beverages i.e. mango, orange and lemon, and also isotonic juices. HRS offers pasteurisers for filling in glass bottles, PET bottles and Tetra Brik.


Beverage Processing Plant
  • Compact size, aesthetic design and low floor space requirement
  • Prolonged production cycles due to self cleaning nature of corrugated tubes
  • Close approach temperature that retains the natural product flavor and nutrients
  • Steady product temperature control within ± 0.5°C
  • Precise flow control maintains constant holding time throughout production
  • Indirect heating by low temperature hot water
  • Energy recovery upto 50% depending upon filling temperature in PET bottling/Aseptic packaging
  • Heat enclosure to prevent radiation heat loss
  • Positive pressure on product side to prevent contamination of beverage in case it leaks
  • Completely avoids manual interventions on fully automated systems
  • Very low product losses due to precisely programmed product startup and end up sequences
  • Faster and efficient cleaning due to forward and reverse CIP cycles
  • Low water consumption due to precisely automated CIP

Complete Beverage Processing Line

HRS is proficient in design and engineering complete beverage processing plant starting from beverage preparation to pasteurisation. An integrated fruit based beverage processing line with multiple sections includes sugar syrup preparation section, beverage blending section, ready beverage storage section, beverage pasteuriser and a centralised CIP station.

HRS designed sugar syrup preparation section includes insulated sugar dissolving tank with sugar dumping, shell and tube heat exchanger for heating water and a jet mixing system to dissolve sugar into the hot water. The sugar syrup is filtered through a plate and frame filter press, cooled and stored in holding tank. In the beverage blending section, fruit pulp, flavors, sugar syrup and other ingredients are blended together and homogenized, and transferred to ready beverage tanks for storage. The ready juice is processed in HRS pasteurisers manufactured with energy efficient ECOFLUX* tubular heat exchangers.

Key Components

  • ECOFLUX* corrugated shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Material of Construction in SS316, SS316L, SMO254, SAF2205, AL6XN, Titanium
  • Sanitary centrifugal pumps
  • Sanitary lobe pumps
  • Imported sanitary pneumatic actuated valves
  • Imported instruments and sensors for flow and pressure, temperature and conductivity measurement
  • PLC based control panel with touch screen HMI
  • SCADA for centralized control
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