Industrial Cooking Equipment

The development of HRS ParaDice* by HRS Process Systems Ltd. is a breakthrough in diced or particulate food processing.

HRS ParaDice* is capable of processing fruit dice/vegetables & particulate foods without shearing them.

With this unique system, the dice are pumped using an HRS Hygienic Piston Pump and treated in the highly efficient ECOFLUX* ‘DT’ Series Heat Exchangers.

Applications of Industrial Cooking Equipment:

  • HRS ParaDice* dice pasteuriser with Hygienic Piston Pump and HRS Monobloc Aseptic Sterilizer and Aseptic Filler can be used for many particulate and highly viscous foods.
  • Fruit bases, dices, extracts & toppings
  • Custards & puddings
  • Ice-cream with inclusions

  • Ketchup and Sauces

  • Dressing & spreads for Salad & Pasta
  • Processing of Ready-to-Eat convenience foods:
    Indian curries
    Mixes, mash, purees
  • Blanching & Chilling of vegetables
  • Continuous Rice Cooking