Heat Exchanger for Beverage Industry

The overall beverage market is largely segmented into fruit-based drinks and carbonated/synthetic drinks. The former is based on natural fruit pulp/juice, while the latter is based on artificial flavours.

Among the fruit-based beverages, some are fruit drinks like Frooti, Maaza, Slice, and Jumpin; fruit juices like Pepsi’s Tropicana and nectars like Dabur’s Real.

The major beverage brands like Parle Agro, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Dabur and Godrej have been leading the market for packaged fruit drinks and beverages.

HRS provides medium to large-scale juice & beverage pasteurisers and turnkey beverage processing lines for fruit-based and isotonic drinks.

Range of Food processing systems for juice and beverage processing with ECOFLUX* Corrugated tube heat exchangers (K, MI, DT, AS Series) and HRS Funke plate heat exchangers

  • Turnkey Beverage Processing Line
  • Cold Fill Pasteurizer
  • Hot Fill Pasteurizer
  • Aseptic Juice Pasteuriser
  • CIP System
  • Powder dissolving system, blending systems for key beverage ingredients
  • Hot Fill Pasteuriser for Salt based Beverage(ORS)