HRS Monobloc Sterilizer is an advanced sterilization equipment for hygienic and innovative aseptic processing thus bringing global technology to our customers. The HRS Monobloc is an integration of the Aseptic Sterilizer and Aseptic Filler on a single skid fully automated with PLC-based controls. Designed to process varying capacities up to 10,000 kg per hour of fruit pulp/ puree concentrate of high viscosity.

The heart of the Aseptic Sterilizer is the Ecoflux* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers in K/ DT/ AS series models, to enable sterilization of the product at the desired temperature. The HRS Monobloc can also be integrated with the Hygienic Piston Pump for particulate product flash sterilization or a homogenizer and de-aerator with an automatic vacuum control system supported by CIP Pump and peripherals.

Depending on the application, this is customized with more variants of HRS range of heat exchangers. The filling section of the HRS Monobloc Sterilizer is with the Aseptic Filler which has fully automated, double filler heads with a bag clamping system, a conveyor to support the drums and a sanitary steam line for sterilization of the filling chambers.

  • Compact unit of Aseptic Sterilizer and Aseptic Filler
  • Designed with ECOFLUX* CTHE for maximum energy efficiency
  • Optimal velocities and turbulence for consistent processing
  • De-aeration tank to remove unwanted gases/ air
  • Homogeniser used as piston pump and also for consistent product quality
  • Bag-in-drum filling mechanism
  • Integrated CIP dosing system
  • Complete PLC based automation
  • Aseptic Sterilizer with Ecoflux* AS Series heat exchangers, Product displacement pump, steam control valve, condensate and tank control valve , high quality SS skid
  • Aseptic Filler
  • Control Panels
  • Hygienic Piston Pump
  • De-aerator
  • Homogenizer
  • Sanitary steam line for sterilization of the filling chambers.
  • ECOFLUX* AS Series Heat Exchanger
  • Hygienic end product with better shelf life at ambient storage temperature
  • Better aroma retention due to HTST method of pasteurization
  • Continuous processing for consistent quality
  • Easy-to-operate with PLC controls
  • Integrated CIP to enhance equipment life
  • Lower maintenance food processing equipment
  • This sterilization equipment is suitable for processing a wide range of fruit pulps such as Mango, Guava, Papaya, Banana, Tomato and many more for:
  • Aseptic Sterilization and Filling of fruit and vegetable purees and concentrates