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HRS ParaDice for Food Processing

HRS ParaDice* is a unique offering for dices and ready to eat food processing industry which is capable of processing fruit dices / vegetable dices without shearing them. In this cutting edge solution, dices are pumped using HRS Hygienic Piston Pump and are heated and cooled in the highly efficient ECOFLUX* Double Tube Heat Exchangers. The fruit dices can be pasteurised or aseptically processed using the ParaDice*. HRS ParaDice* can be used for processing diced fruits, particulate foods, blanching of vegetables, pasteurisation and chilling of Ready-to-Eat foods, and similar applications.

Key Components

  • Specially designed ECOFLUX* (dimple) corrugated tube heat exchangers
  • HRS Hygienic Piston Pump ā€“ ā€˜BPā€™ Series
  • Closed loop hot water system consisting of ECOFLUX* 'K' series tubular heat exchanger for steam economy
  • Sanitary type flow diversion valves
  • Integrated CIP System
  • PLC based Control panel with SCADA


  • Rapid, homogeneous and efficient heat transfer
  • Retention of natural color and flavor of product
  • Processing of whole dices, leaves without breakage
  • Hygienic design
  • Better product shelf life
  • Controlled process automation for easy operation
  • Hassle free maintenance


  • Processing of diced fruits for end use in
    • Fruit bases & toppings
    • Icecream
    • Custards & puddings
    • Soups
    • Jams and marmalades
    • Sauces with particles
    • Fillings and coatings
  • Processing of Ready to eat convenience foods, Indian curries, mixes, mash, purees
  • Blanching and chilling of vegetables
  • Continuous rice cooking
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