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In Food applications, concentrating fruit pulps for bulk transportation and reduction of water activity for longer shelf life necessitated the concept of evaporation. Evaporation is the process of vaporizing the water from a solution to produce concentrated product.

HRS PSL provides evaporation systems of tubular and scraped surface type, to obtain the best thermally stable product, with capacity up to 20 ton/hour.


Optimum utilisation of thermal energy (Steam) can be achieved in:
  • Multiple effects with live steam
  • Multiple effect evaporator with thermo vapor recompressor
  • Multiple effect evaporator with MVR
  • Controlled operating condition such as level of product & retention time
  • Scaling retardation due to optimum velocity of liquid in tubes
  • Easy to clean CIP system
  • Lower Investment
  • Stability of operation & capacity of longer run period
  • Operator friendly PLC based system

Key Components

  • Evaporator calandria
  • Vapor separator
  • Surface condenser
  • De-aeration / vacuum system
  • Product Pump / Condensate Pump
  • CIP / cleaning system
  • Condensate recovery
  • PLC based automation


  • Fruit and vegetable puree and concentrate
  • Fruits and vegetable particulates (diced, sliced, etc.)
  • Fruit and confectionary bases, sauces
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