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HRS PSL has developed aseptic steriliser with ECOFLUX* 'AS' series tube in tube heat exchangers to sterilise fruit puree, concentrate and tomato paste, multi tube heat exchanger to process heat sensitive fruit puree and juices and double tube heat exchanger to process fruit puree and juices with particulates.

Highly efficient heat exchanger operates with HTST method, which involves heating the product to high temperatures (HT) for a short time (ST).

Key Components

  • De-aeration tank
  • Pumping unit
  • Tubular Heat Exchangers
  • Pneumatically operated valves allows minimum manual intervention
  • Skid mounted design for easy transportation and installation
  • Closed loop hot water system ensures stable process temperature
  • Built-in CIP dosing system
  • Indirect cooling system using PHE to prevent scaling in process heat exchangers


  • Tubular heat exchanger, so low maintenance or spares
  • Removable design to access all product flowing paths
  • Steam seals for additional protection on flange joints
  • Product heating and cooling with closed loop systems
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger design ensures uniform heating and cooling of product
  • Precise temperature control
  • Product recycle management with programmable logic
  • In-built CIP dosing system
  • Customised design to suit all kind of products and capacity
  • Fail safe instruments for trouble free operation
  • All product contact parts in SS 316L
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